How to use the Black Ops 2 Season Pass Code Generator

Season Pass Codes


As you all know the season pass has been available since the arrival of Black Ops 2. It's currently being sold for $49.99. It's close to the price of a BRAND NEW game! Well lucky for you, we created a code generator for Season Passes on Black Ops 2. Our code generator works for the following 3 major systems: Xbox 360, PS3, and PC(Steam). If you want to get a free Season Pass for Black Ops 2 just follow the instructions below.

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We managed to connect to Call Of Duty's Server. We now have access to the Season Passes on file. We have limited resources so we advise you to download before we get disconnected from their servers.This is no way illegal it's just a simple connection a guy at Call Of Duty Leaked.It will probably just get patched after a while/But till then enjoy your season passes!


Name: Black Ops 2 Season Pass Code Generator 
Version: v1.0 [Updated v1.2][July 2013]
Release Date: June 2013
Virus Scan: Virus Total

How to use

1. Click on your system. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
2. Click "Generate"
3. Insert the code you got into you systems marketplace. ex. Xbox Marketplace, Playstation Store, and Steam.
4. Download will start automatically and "voila" you have your self a free Season Pass for Black Ops

How to download

It takes us a lot of time and effort to create a generator like this. In order for you to download the Black Ops 2 Season Pass Code Generator you'll have to complete a short survey. Download the generator by clicking the "Download " button below. 
If you need any help on completing the survey click Here 

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